The Lab

We are part of Weill Cornell’s The Feil Family Brain and Mind Research Institute and are located in the Belfer research building on 413 E 69th St in Manhattan. In very general terms, we are interested in how the same, within an individual mostly invariant genome, can give rise to functionally extremely diverse cell types – such as the ones that are the building blocks of the human brain. Obviously this diversity is represented by very cell type specific proteomes and transcriptomes – and for the latter we have developed an array of methods providing an unprecedented full-length view of RNA molecules. We will leverage and further develop these methods to investigate the brain and its diseases. You can find more a bit more detail here.

Hagen Tilgner
Principal Investigator


Anoushka Joglekar
PHD Student Computational Biology & Medicine


Paul Collier
Senior Research Associate


Simon Hardwick


Ishaan Gupta


Ahmed Mahfouz
Visiting Scientist

Past rotation students


Yen-Chu Lin

Paul Wolujewicz

Chuying "Naomi" Xia

Xi-He Xie